Last year, I had many concerns with my teeth, I used to grind my teeth a lot, so tiny pieces of food had gotten stuck between my teeth and they looked so weird and uneven. Moreover, they were a little bit yellow and I used to feel sensitivity in my teeth. I had shared this trouble with one of my close friends and she suggested me to visit Adam Carstairs’s orthodontist clinic.

I always have an excellent practice when I visit Dr. Adam Carstairs. I was one of the persons who used to be scared with dentist visits. But, when I visited this dentistry clinic, everybody was very nice to me and they put me in the comfort zone, it was quite a painless experience. They have thorough knowledge about every aspect and very well know what they do and why they do it. I would highly suggest my dentist for everyone. Especially those, who had terrible experiences in the past.

Adam Carstairs have many years experience in dentistry and he has helped many people straighten crooked teeth. I honestly say he is very optimistic and easy going person. As I told you I was very scared when I visited him, but he made me feel easy and looked at my teeth. He suggested me the best process that would completely transform my teeth. The starting process was a little longer because I had braces on my teeth, but still all teeth were uneven, so it took around 2 weeks to fix this problem. They are the team of kind hearted persons and made the all process quite easier.  When, the process second process started, I did not know what tools they had used in my mouth, but I just felt sensation in my mouth during the whole process.

On the third visit, my dentist showed a shade guide with different colors teeth. He asked me to choose one color that I would like to have on my teeth. I had an amazing experience. He was talking to me during the whole process, he ground my teeth and told me that I would feel some sensation during the procedure. But if you would feel any pain, just raise your hand, and I would stop the process. It took about an hour and the procedure was finished.

On the last visit, I was quite happy because he transformed my teeth completely.  He again numbed my mouth with gel and removed the temporary crowns from my teeth and fixed the final one. When, he showed me the mirror to take a look of my teeth, I screamed with happiness. Now, I have pretty beautiful smile with white teeth. All my friends were amazed when they looked at my transformed teeth. I would like to show gratitude to Mr. Adam Carstairs for my beautiful smile. Now, I can speck in the public without hiding my uneven teeth and I feel motivated more than ever before.


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